Dateline NBC Could be in Process of Covering Poker Killer Ernie Scherer III

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Ace King
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Ernie Scherer III

Sentenced for the brutal murder of both his parents, it now appears that Dateline NBC is in the very early planning stages of covering the story of Ernie Scherer III.  He is the poke pro who will now serve life for the beating and stabbing deaths of both his parents, Ernest Scherer Jr., 60, and Charlene Abendroth, 57, in their Castlewood Country Club (California) home in March 2008. 

At the time of the murders, was called upon by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department to help draw national attention to the case.  The younger Scherer had not yet been taken into custody but law enforcement believed could help locate potential witnesses, especially those Scherer III may have owed gambling debts to.  The motive for the murders was a $1 million inheritance the poker player apparently wanted to pay off gambling debts and a home mortgage. 

Dateline NBC contacted on Thursday noting it was only in the process of studying the case more closely.  There is no definitive date as to when, or even if, a segment on Scherer III will air.

Dateline NBC has previously aired segments on Adam Anhang.  He is the online gambling and real estate magnate who was brutally murdered on the streets of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico a few years back.   The NBC news magazine revealed how authorities imprisoned the wrong man after the “real” killer was ultimately found.

Investigators and family members of the murder victim have long contended that his estranged wife hired someone to kill Anhang. broke the story of Anhang’s murder just hours after it happened. 

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