Daniel Negreanu’s Latest Rant: More Racist Nonsense Says Somach

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Thomas Somach
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Daniel Negreanu

Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu's latest blog diatribe--against a California hotel that cancelled his reservation -- was yet another racist rant by a bigoted idiot who is fast becoming known for them.

In his latest blog post at www.cardplayer.com, Negreanu railed against the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Commerce, California, USA, for cancelling his reservation at the last minute when he came to town for a poker tournament at nearby Commerce Casino.

But it's who Negreanu specifically blames for the mishap that has people once again thinking of "Kid Poker" as the "Archie Bunker of Canada."

Negreanu's beef with the hotel is that it gave his reserved room to another guest who bribed the hotel staff, and he also alleged that such shenanigans are commonplace at the Crowne Plaza.

In his blog post, however, Negreanu specifically blames a pair of hotel employees named "Juan" and "Rodney" for the problems.

Negreanu wrote: "People have literally been kicked out of their rooms in order to make room for someone who greased the right guy. I did a bit of research and found that this practice has been going on for years at the Commerce. It used to be a guy named Juan. If the place was sold out, you call Juan, give him a few hundred dollars, and he'll get you a room. The new guy's name is Rodney. Give Rodney some money and all of a sudden rooms that were once reserved are canceled and 'voila' you have a room..."

Juan and Rodney?

Is he kidding?

Juan and Rodney are two of the most obviously ethnic names imaginable--a fact no doubt not lost on "Kid Bunker"--and those just happen to be the two names he chooses to dump on?

Juan, of course, is almost always a Hispanic name (Juan Marichal, Juan Gonzalez) and Rodney is usually a black name (Rodney King, Rodney Peete).

Are we to think it's just coincidence Negreanu picked a Hispanic name and a black name to excoriate?

In the past, Negreanu has worn blackface for an Internet skit, blogged about his "redneck" dog that dislikes blacks and

wondered publicly why there was no White Entertainment Television to compete with Black Entertainment Television.

Now he's harping on two low-level employees named Juan and Rodney.


What do you think?

By Tom Somach

Gambling911.com Staff Writer