Dan Bilzerian Throws in G4 Jet as Part of $600K Bike Bet

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Dan Bilzerian Throws in G4 Jet as Part of $600K Bike Bet

Poker pro and Instagram phenom Dan Bilzerian already has a $600K prop bet going with trader Bill Perkins in which Bilzerian will have to bike 293 miles in rough terrain from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in under 48 hours.

Now Bilzerian has upped the ante by offering his G4 jet against $250,000 in another prop wager with Pamela Anderson ex and online poker player Rick Solomon.    

The wager is expected to take place some time next week though a specific date was yet to be obtained by Gambling911.com.

Folks around the globe will be waiting anxiously for the results to come in. 

Bilzerian appears to be in great shape as always but admittedly hasn’t been on a bike in years, he says.  Will he be conditioned enough to make this type of trek?

Our friends at M88 probably won’t be offering odds on the Bilzerian bike bet but you’ll be sure to find plenty of sweet deals with this weekend’s football action.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com