Controversy Erupts at 2017 WSOP: ‘You’re Allowing Someone to Take a Shot!’

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Accusations fly in Dealers Choice Championship event

Samuel Touil opened with a raise to 5100.  Matt Glantz then three-bet the cutoff to 11000. 

What happened next at this year’s Dealers Choice Championship resulted in a heated exchange.

From PokerNews.com:

From under the gun, Samuel Touil opened with a raise to 5,100 only to have Matt Glantz three-bet the cutoff to 11,000.

The action returned to Touil, and after a few moments he grabbed what remained of his chips - roughly 53,900 - in both hands and moved them towards the bet he had already placed.

Believing that Touil had moved all in, Glantz pushed his chips forward and tabled his {A-Spades}{K-Hearts}.

"I never went all in" stated Touil.

"You might win the hand. You might hit your three-outer. Just don't take a shot at me!" stated Glantz.

After the floor was called over to make its decision on what had occurred, Glantz blurted “You're allowing someone to take a shot!"

He added: "There was a clear motion to go all in. You have to rule in the interest of the game and protect the integrity of the game. You cannot reward shot-takers."

PokerNews.com writes that, because Touil was forced to call and the hand made to continue to the flop, Glantz felt the play was unfair and that “Touil should have been forced to at least min-raise”.

The exchange continued.

"Everyone can do it later on if this is the ruling." continued Glantz.

"You are still in position to protect your hand" stated the tournament floor supervisor.

Following a losing hand, Touil added, "See it doesn't matter anyway!"

"It's not about the hand losing. It's about the shot you took. It's about them allowing it. I don't care about you. I care about the rules and the integrity of the game." continued Glantz.

"Same, same," added Touil.

"I don't care about your hand. I want people to be honest!" Glantz barked!

Heading into Friday’s play with 37 remaining, Glantz was still in while Touil had been knocked out.

Once again, Daniel Negreanu looked to make another impressive run.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com

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