Congressman Joe Barton to Hold Press Conference: Reveal New Online Poker Bill

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C Costigan
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Joe Barton Online Poker Bill

It is official, Texas Republican Congressman Joe Barton is set to hold a press conference in Las Vegas on Friday to unveil his new Internet poker bill.  Early reports have Barton garnering support even from the most outspoken critics of legalized Internet gambling.

Gautham Nagesh of The Hill writes: 

Co-sponsors include Reps. Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.), John Campbell (R-Calif.), and Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) with more names expected. The lawmakers argue the issue is one of personal freedom and the government shouldn’t stop people from playing a "game of skill."

The bill will head to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which appears more open to the prospect currently than the House Financial Services Committee, which passed an online gambling bill last year. Barton's bill would require poker sites to register through the gaming commissions of states that currently permit gambling and create a federal body to oversee the industry.

The time of the press conference was not immediately known, however, will have further details as they develop throughout the day.

- Chris Costigan, Publisher