Carbon Poker Bad Beat Hits – Making 2 Bad Beats in a Week

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Carbon Poker

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Fresh off the heels of a gargantuan Bad Beat Jackpot being hit on, a lucky, low stakes players has hit a jackpot of his own, this time on Carbon Poker. It marks the first time in online poker history that two separate bad beat jackpots have been hit on rival sites within a week of each other. Last week, a lucky player managed to hit the jackpot that had swollen to over a half million dollars. Although this go around, the dollar figure wasn’t quite as high, it was still a substantial chunk of change to say the least, especially for someone who languishes at tables with maximum buy ins of $50 – $100.

In this hand, a player named “dk2112” open limped into a hand of .50 – $1 no limit hold em with pocket 7’s. With a couple of players along for the ride, “dk2112” was undoubtedly excited to see a flop of 8-7-2 rainbow. Before it was his turn to act, a player named “Stingray57” led out for a small bet and was raised by “BlackOutBob”. “dk2112” decided to just smooth call this action, and the turn card was music to his ears as the fourth 7 peeled off, giving him quad 7’s. Rather than extract value, with the apparent draws out there, “dk2112” just flat called a $5 bet. When a second 8 fell on the river, “dk2112” insta-shoved his remaining $6.50. He did so expecting to win a $55 pot, but incredibly, the chips did not slide over to his avatar. Instead, they went over to his opponent who showed pocket 8’s which meant he also had quads, better quads than dk2112.

But not so fast, by losing this hand, they qualified for the Carbon Poker Bad Beat jackpot which by that point was quite robust. For taking his nasty beat, dk2112 eared over $156K, a great consolation prize no matter how you look at it. Meanwhile, the winner of the hand, BlackOutBob raked in $78,201.31. Meanwhile, the other players at the table earned a split of $13K, not bad for being at the right place at the right time.

Just because it was hit, doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile to get back on their tables. The Bad Beat Jackpot at Carbon is already sitting at $100K and growing by the second.