Carbon Poker Announces Improvements to Sit & Go Offerings

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Carbon Poker Announces Improvements to Sit & Go Offerings

Carbon Poker announced on Monday great improvements to their Sit & Go offerings including changes to the buy-in amount and VIP point entries just to name a few. 

Here is a summary of the changes made:

Name Standardization

Carbon Poker implemented a name standard for all Sit & Go’s. This should help to clean up the appearance in some of the lobbies, and be a little easier on the eyes. This applies to the tournament description as well, which will provide clear and consistent information such as buy-in, starting stacks, and level length.

Buy-In Amount Changes

Carbon Poker has adjusted the buy-in levels to reflect our network standards. The buy-in levels with rake included are: $0.11, $1.10, $2.20, $5.50, $11, $22, $33, $60, $109, $215, $530 and $1,050. These levels do not apply to all Sit & Go types, so check the CarbonPoker lobby for the offering within the Sit & Go type.

Coupon Entry & VIP Point Entry

Along with the above changes to the buy-ins, Carbon will now allow coupon and VIP point entry on all Sit & Go’s. For example, players that earn an $11 coupon will now be able to use it for Multi-Table Tournaments, or any of our $11 Sit & Go offerings. You’ll be able to review the coupon entry, and amount of points needed to enter in the lobby of any given Sit & Go.

Streamlined 1-Table, Heads Up & Non-NLHE Offerings

Upon review of our existing offerings, it was clear that the lobbies were being clogged up with games that never, or rarely ran. For now, Carbon Poker has reduced the non-hold’em offerings to full ring, turbo PLO8 games. Some 1-Table and Heads Up variants that used to offer both full ring and 6-max, have now been consolidated to one or the other. They are hoping this consolidation can better allow players to jump into our lobby, find the game they want, and have it run without delay. In the future, They will look to expand all offerings, but for now things are being brought back to the essentials.

Renaming of Super Turbo & Bounty

In a move to hopefully clarify things, and avoid confusion for players, Carbon Poker have renamed Super Turbos to Hyper Turbos, as well as Bounty tournaments will now be known as Knockout tournaments. This was based on long term player feedback, so while there may be some time needed to adjust, Carbon believes this will improve the player experience. These changes will be reflected in the filters shortly.

Standardizing Starting Stacks & Level Length

Within a given variant, all starting stacks and blind level lengths will be uniform. In most cases, this will mean 1,500 starting stacks, with the only exception being 6-max Super Turbos, which will have 300 chips to start.

Rake Changes

Adjustments have been made to the amount of rake taken. These changes were made to fall more in line with industry standards, and to scale appropriately.

Removal of Breaks & Standardizing of Time Banks

Breaks have been removed from all Sit & Go’s, largely at the request of players (for a short time, Sit & Go’s will still be listed as having a 5 minute break, but this will be fixed by Merge, and no actual break will take place). Carbon Poker also standardized the amount of time bank available, depending on the speed of the game in question.

Addition of 18 & 45 Player Sit & Go’s

Another addition based largely on player feedback, is to refine the Multi-Table Sit & Go offerings. They will now run 18 and 45 player turbo Sit & Go’s. Going forward, if these perform well, Carbon will look to expand the buy-in and player entry levels.

All together, Carbon Poker believes these changes are a huge improvement and step forward for our Sit & Go players. By no means are these the final however.