Cake Poker Second Poker Site to go Mobile

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Online poker players have just moved into a new era of gaming.  This week, Cake Poker has launched a version of their own software which enables its customers to play on their mobile phones wherever a live internet connection is available.  Cake is the 2nd site to have this unique offering, joining Bodog as the leaders of the mobile gaming front.

Over the past several years, technological advances have been made in leaps and bounds allowing people to communicate, surf the web and send email from just about anywhere.  Ever since these tools began to become available and affordable to the mainstream, online poker players everywhere have longed for the day they could just take out their PDA and play their favorite games while engaging in normal everyday activities.  Early on, it seemed like just a pipe dream but with applications such as Blackberry, the iPhone and Windows Mobile out there thriving, the move for online gaming companies crept towards coming to fruition.

Cake is Mobile Phone Compatible

Currently, Cake Poker is the 10th largest online poker site and their new offering is a fully operational mobile version of its current software and is available on the Windows Mobile OS.  The move signals a valiant attempt by the company to try and lure players from other larger sites as Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, the industry leaders, have yet to announce plans for similar endeavors.  In addition to the Windows software, prospective users are required to have a connection via 2G, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, or a direct connect to a PC.

Players can enjoy the same features and promotions offered via the existing main client as they are still able to earn Gold Chips and Gold Cards.  One thing that customers need to keep in mind is whether or not their mobile providers have data plan restrictions, as even though Cake does not charge extra, wireless plans sometimes do charge per minute of internet usage which can accumulate rather quickly.

Cake Poker Mobile Features

In a statement, Cake states that the mobile software transfers approximately 10MB of data per hour and this number should be kept in mind.  Regarding security, users can be rest assured that entered information is not stored on a cell unit so should the unit be lost or stolen, someone else will not have access to their data.

As for the actual gameplay, Cake has attempted to make it as easy and user-friendly as possible.  Lost hands are set to auto-muck and blinds are auto-posted.  Mobile units with a stylus pen can be used and the arrows and number keys can be used to input decisions.

At present time, iPhone users may not be able to use the software do to rigid restrictions by Apple as Flash applications are not allowed, which is a key required component.