Brad Daugherty 1991 WSOP Main Event Bracelet Fails to Sell on eBay

Written by:
Ace King
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Brad Daugherty 1991 WSOP Main Event Bracelet

Brad Daugherty attempted to sell his 1991 World Series of Poker main event bracelet on eBay to the highest bidders and received little interest. 

Daugherty did so after 2009 WSOP main event winner Peter Eastgate got $147,000 for his bracelet on eBay.  That money went towards charity.

The highest bid for Daugherty’s bracelet was around $25,000, a mere fraction of what Eastgate’s sold for. noted that Daugherty was also attempting to sell his bracelet in the name of charity, this time to help abolish poverty in his current home of the Philippines. 

 “As anyone that has been here knows, there are lots of homeless kids and people living in poverty. I am always helping kids and families that I see in need. I thought, why not just auction the bracelet off and use it where it could do some good, rather than just let it sit in the US in a safe deposit box.”

- Ace King,