Blanca Games Responds to Liquidator Statement in Purchase

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:

Antiguan-based Blanca Games Inc., owned by online gambling pioneer Stuart Gordon, issued a statement on Friday to shareholders of XMT Liquidators, Inc. (formerly known as Excapsa Software, Inc., and the one time parent company of online poker firm  In question was the repeated reference to a “newly discovered” cheating incident. 

Blanca Games Inc. says that “the Liquidator’s comment was made in the context of a dispute between Tokwiro Enterprises ENRG and Excapsa” and that it (Blanca) “has no interest in that dispute; however, it wishes to clarify its current understanding of the incident cited in the Liquidator’s letter”.

Furthermore, Blanca says that it “understands and believes that the incident referred to by the Liquidator dates back to 2004 when the brand was owned and operated by Excapsa. The Liquidator has recently advised Blanca’s employees that the security breach at issue was closed by Excapsa in early 2005. Blanca has no knowledge of whether or not this incident is, in fact, ‘newly discovered’.” 

Blanca Games further adds in the issued statement that “it does, however, understand that two player accounts were involved in this 2004 incident, and that the damages sustained by players were less than USD$100,000. The incident has been reported to the appropriate regulatory authorities and Blanca is fully cooperating with the regulators’ inquiry.“

This past summer Blanca Games agreed to the purchase of both and Absolute Poker from Excapsa Software, Inc.  It claims that both online poker rooms are “unaffected by the events referred to by the Liquidator”.

“Blanca will continue to do everything in its power to protect its players and customers by providing the highest levels of security on its sites,” the statement stresses.

- Ace King, reporting for