Black Chip Poker Move Will Result in Over 1000 Peak Players to Winning Network

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Ace King
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Black Chip Poker Move Will Result in Over 1000 Peak Players to Winning Network

The numbers are starting to come in and they are significant as it applies to Black Chip Poker’s move to the Winning Poker Network.  BCP switched from the Merge Gaming Network to the Winning Poker Network on Monday. 


24 hour peak numbers at WPN were around 700 prior to Monday’s move according to the traffic monitoring website,  By Friday they were moving just above 900. 

But not all Black Chip Poker customers have had their accounts verified as part of the required security measures and, as such, an unknown number of individuals are yet to begin playing on the new network.  Additionally, player funds were maintained in an escrow account during the transition process, potentially spooking a few individuals into temporarily halting play at BCP.  The great news is that some international players are now reporting receipt of funds within three days of their request. estimates that peak traffic should surpass 1000 by the end of next wee once customers become more acquainted with the Winning Poker Network software and esteemed customer service. 

WPN appears to be on its way to overtaking PKR Poker and a handful of country-specific sites for the likes of 888 Poker and Ongame.  The Winning Poker Network may also move ahead of the International Poker Network by month’s end, though International’s segregated Italian website still ranks far ahead in terms of traffic. 

Late last month, WPN announced that its rake structure for all limit games had been reduced from 5 percent to 1 percent across the board.   The network is known for its swift payouts, some of which occur within under a week. 

- Ace King,