Black Chip Poker Announces New Time Bank Feature

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Black Chip Poker Announces New Time Bank Feature

The latest online poker site to join the Winning Poker Network is letting everyone slow things down when facing a difficult decision. Black Chip Poker has just announced its new Time Bank feature, available in all tournaments and at all cash tables. The Time Bank gives players extra time to decide whether to fold, call, raise, or go all in, and it's available at all poker tables—including cash tables and tournaments.

"We know online poker players love the fast action at Black Chip Poker, but we also know that serious poker players sometimes need to slow things down," stated Robert Gray, spokesperson for Black Chip Poker. "Our new Time Bank feature gives players the extra decision-making time they need, when they need it."

Beginning today, online poker players who need more time to decide whether to call, raise, fold, or go all in can click their Time Bank button to give themselves extra time to act. The number of seconds available for players to use depends on the stake level of the game they're playing. The Time Bank is available to online poker players once per tournament. At cash tables, the Time Bank constantly replenishes itself one second for every 10 hands played.

The number of seconds available in a player's Time Bank depends on the stake level and speed of the table. Before the change, the standard time to act for cash games and tournaments was 18 seconds for regular speed tables and 12 seconds for fast speed tables. With Time Bank, low stakes cash game tables will have an additional 20 seconds to act. Players at mid-stakes tables will see 30 seconds in their Time Bank. And high-stakes players will benefit from an 80-second Time Bank.

At fast tables, the number of seconds for each stake level is reduced. The Time Bank at fast tables includes 10, 15, and 40 seconds, for low, mid, and high-stakes games, respectively.

Online poker players participating in tournaments will also benefit from a Time Bank. In small tourneys with $0-$24 buy-ins (not including the fee), players will see 60 seconds in their Time Bank. Medium tournaments with buy-ins of $25-$60 feature 90 seconds Time Banks. And poker players in large tournaments with buy-ins higher than $60 will see Time Banks loaded with 120 seconds. This also applies for regular speed SnGs.

Players in Turbo tourneys and SnGs will also benefit from the Time Bank. Low, mid, and high buy-in events feature a Time Bank loaded with 20, 30, and 40 seconds, respectively. Hyper Turbo Speed Tournaments and SnGs will have a 5, 10 and 15 seconds Time Bank.

The Time Bank feature is now live at all online poker tables at Black Chip Poker. Players who don't yet have the online poker software can download it from