BitCoin Poker Coming Soon: Top 3 Most Likely Players

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Aaron Goldstein
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BitCoin Poker

Many people in the poker community have begun to talk about the prospects of digital currency taking over the sector with BitCoin poker becoming the new reality. 

“It’s only just a matter of time,” some industry experts have suggested.

Digital currency is in its infancy.  People are scared to use it.  They don’t know how to use it.  There is a mistrust by many.

Individuals like William Lattimore, who run the online sports and financial wagering website have set up a department to specifically address such issues by walking prospective clients through the process. 

“There is no doubt that there is a learning curve for using and feeling comfortable with Bitcoin,” Lattimore told in a recent interview. “However, the advantages are such that people are taking the time to learn. Its one of those things that takes a while to fully integrate into your life, but once you do, it’s a snap.

“With all of the exchangers around, if you can use Western Union, Moneygram or a bank wire, you can easily fund these currencies.  I like to compare the currencies to chips at a casino.

“If a player has no clue what to do, we can call them directly to walk them through the entire process. We have two marketing executives just for this purpose.”

Lattimer’s site doesn’t yet offer online poker.  There are a few that do, however.

A member of the Two Plus posting forum analyzed three such Bitcoin online poker rooms, offering both the pros and cons.

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Pros:One full year older than any other site.

Consistent games at a variety of stakes.

Completely open source.

Number one google result for "bitcoin poker"

Most trustworthy

Cons:Clunky, slow interface

Potential lag issues with server located in europe

Several small bugs that can cause freezes and people get upset when they have their hand folded as a result

Comments: Oldest, most trustworthy, definitely worth checking out, they have freerolls in the "tourney" section, highly recommend



Pros:People seem to play looser, since 1 bitcoin gets them 1000 chips as opposed to 100 on betco.

Live 24/7 support, all issues resolved quickly

Player to player transfers

WCOPB:World championship of bitcoin poker, being held on October 10th, a 2 bitcoin rebuy with 35 bitcoins added.



Closed source

Lobby is cluttered

Comments: This site is also worth a try, it has daily freerolls, and plenty of action, usually a big sunday tourney, and the WCOPB mentioned should be very interesting.



Pros:Insta deposits

Quicker cashouts

People seem to play looser, since 1 bitcoin gets them 1000 chips as opposed to 100 on betco.

Player to player transfers

Owned by a 2p2er who is willing to work hard to make the site successful


Cons:Least action


Closed source


Comments: I do like this site, they have freerolls giving away the days rake right now, and more plans for the future apparently


The poster elaborated on one of the primary fears players might have:  Not being able to cash out their bitcoins.

“Trust me, it’s way, way easier to cash them out than it is to get them in the first place,” he noted.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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