Bitcoin Online Poker Officially Hits Mainstream With Satoshi Poker

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Aaron Goldstein
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Bitcoin Online Poker Officially Hits Mainstream With Satoshi Poker

Everyone has been waiting with bated breath to learn what impact, if any, Bitcoin would have on the online poker sector.  The time to find out is finally here with the introduction of Satoshi Poker. can confirm that the new entry will be pouring millions of dollars into marketing its product across the World Wide Web.  And good news for US players, as Satoshi Poker will be accepting players from all jurisdictions. 

Satoshi Poker vows to permit “individuals and businesses all around the world to conduct transactions quickly and easily, bitcoin offers the perfect method for almost instantly depositing and withdrawing your poker bankroll.”

The anonymous online digital currency Bitcoin once associated primarily with illicit drug sales has stepped up efforts to legitimize itself as a means of gaining approval with more mainstream business enterprises.  Bitcoin observers see parallels between it and online payment solutions company PayPal. 

From the Satoshi Poker site:

“Bitcoin poker is in it's infancy, and Satoshi Poker is committed to providing features above and beyond the current standard in the online poker industry, including legal protection, as bitcoin is not money, as recently confirmed by the European Central Bank. This allows us to have a truly revolutionary product: truly anonymous poker games, without the known hassles at withdrawals as known by the current online poker elite. Besides that, your bankroll is safe against the piracy that some governments commit against their citizens, as we don't know what country you are from.”

The advantages of Satoshi Poker

  • * Lowest rake in the industry, only 2%!
  • * Standard 20% rakeback for all our players
  • * Lightning fast deposits and withdrawals, they take at most an hour!
  • * Truly anonymous poker games, we only know your screen name
  • Accepting players from anywhere in the world. We don't know where you are from, so how could we exclude you? (read our disclaimer though)

- Aaron Goldstein,