Bill Rini: Poker Players Alliance Inept When it Comes to Those Things that Matter Most

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Poker Players Alliance

Poker expert Bill Rini discussed on his blog this week the shortcomings of the Poker Players Alliance.

Rini states that in Washington DC, lobby groups are capable of doing 2 things right: they have lots of connections, and can influence many factors; and they do a good job at predicting and warning against upcoming legislation, and possibly averting the legislation. These are exactly the things, that PPA seem fairly inept at.

The Poker Players Alliance main focal point has always been and continues to be that poker is a game of skill, not chance; the notion being that games of skill are not actually gambling.  In fact, ESPN pretty much treats poker like a sport. 

“But we all know how well politicians do with logic,” Rini quipped.  “The alleged 50 million US citizens that partake in the game the vast majority are far from serious players; which makes this argument fall on deaf ears.”

Rini noted that those with moral opposition to gambling will not view card games as skill-based.  He also points out that only around 10 percent of those who play poker are actually “skilled” whereas the other 90 percent are – in reality – gambling. 

Rini adds:  “Instead, I would love for the PPA to move away from focusing on the skill involved in poker and move more towards the “prohibition is not working argument”, or even focusing on the tax revenue and job creation possible through a legalized and regulated online poker industry in the US: These are things that virtually every US citizen can understand, regardless of their skill level in poker, or their thoughts on the morality of gambling.”

To that we say “good luck with that” as has tried persuading the PPPA to get away from the “skill vs. chance” argument for years now.  Maybe Rini will have better luck.

-  Ace King,