Beth Shak Goes on ‘The View’ and Full Tilt Poker Questions Are Out of Bounds

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Thomas Somach
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Beth Shak Goes on ‘The View’ and Full Tilt Poker Questions Are Out of Bounds

America had a chance this week at hearing some insight into the Full Tilt Poker fiasco from an insider, but the clueless women of "The View" TV show dropped the ball and instead focused exclusively on footwear.


Appearing Thursday as a guest on "The View" on ABC-TV in the USA was professional poker player Beth Shak, who was recently sued by her ex-husband and fellow poker pro Dan Shak for a cut of her 1,200-pair, $1 million designer shoe collection.

Understood, it was the wacky lawsuit by one poker millionaire against another over an Imelda Marcos-sized stash of kicks that garnered the media attention and this particular appearance on "The View."

But nary a word about anything other than the shoestorm of a lawsuit?

It's not like "The View" hosts--Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselback--didn't know Beth is a poker pro; it was mentioned.

And a large photo was shown onscreen of Beth playing in a poker tournament, wearing a black baseball cap with a large Full Tilt Poker logo on the front.

Beth Shak was a paid spokesman--a shill, if you will--for an online poker room that was busted by U.S. Federal authorities last year and had to shut down, stiffing poker customers out of millions of dollars.

And now, finally, here was a chance, on live national network television, for someone connected to Full Tilt to be asked something, anything, about the fiasco.

Fat chance.

"The View" gals never asked about it, and of course Beth never brought it up.

No one at the show ever heard of Google? Or Wikipedia? Or a daily newspaper?

Why she had so many shoes, where she hid them and why her ex wanted a share of the footwear were excruciatingly discussed in detail on the show.

But something about the biggest online gambling scandal in history?

Nil. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

But then again, it should really be no surprise.

The ladies of "The View" really are as clueless as they look.

When Sherri Shepherd closed out the interview by thanking "Beth Shank" for stopping by, it was more than enough evidence that "The View" hosts really are as clueless as they look.

By Tom Somach Staff Writer