Benyamine Loses Big in Two Different Sessions

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David Benyamine

When action junkie Ziigmund sits down to play at Full Tilt Poker, the one thing railbirds can be sure of, is that they will see tons of action and monster pots. When he is joined on the virtual felt by David Benyamine, well bedlam normally ensues. In fact, these two heavyweights, no pun intended, engaged in some online poker warfare and battled it out to the tee.

Benyamine took a major pounding in this session as he was a big loser in both Pot Limit Omaha as well as no limit hold'em. For the session, he lost a whopping $573K in PLO and lost an additional $184K playing $500/$1000 No limit. The overwhelming majority of his losses were shipped to Ziigmund. In fact, of the 10 biggest pots contested on the day, Ziigmund won 8 of them, including the top 4. Add those up and you have a historically bad day, many of which came at the expense of Benyamine.

Among the big hands he won, Ziigmund was able to extract maximum value when he flopped a full house against theASHMAN103. He did so by coming out firing on all cylinders which seemed to confuse his opponent.

Ziigmund flops a full house and gets theASHMAN103 to pay him off $195K pot.

In another big hand of the day, thrill-seeker martonas attempted a gigantic preflop bluff against Urindanger but won the pot anyway to the tune of $119K.

Perhaps Benyamine would be well-suited in trying to isolate martonas. This could get him back on the winning track.

Source:  www.aintluck.com

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