Ben Affleck dropped $7 Million playing poker

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Ben Affleck

A recent article on claims the following:

"#1 This one is from the accountant. Turns out, this A list movie star is bad at something else besides fixing his hair. Last year, he managed to lose almost $7 million playing poker. No wonder he wants to make another installment of his franchise."

So let's put on our thinking caps. Ben Affleck is rumored to have a rug (hair piece) and is well known for being a big poker player. Various rumors have surfaced over the last few years about his online exploits and it's known in Hollywood that he's looking to get another installment in the Tom Clancy inspired movies he's starred in (Jack Ryan in The Sum of All Fears).

Other folks say Toby Maquire but by most accounts he can actually PLAY winning poker. So what are your thoughts? Ben, Toby, or perhaps?


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