Bad Beat Jackpot at Soars to Over $1 Million

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The action at’s online poker tables is in overdrive, where the Bad Beat Jackpot (“BBJ”) has just hit a record-breaking UB high, climbing to over $1Million and online poker players are turning up in droves to the leading online poker site in hopes of striking it rich.

“It’s an insane amount of money with our BBJ hitting a million bucks, and a few people are going to make a lot of money in an instant. It's getting to the point where there just isn't anything sensible to say about our Bad Beat Jackpot,” said Team UB Pro Joe Sebok. “We are pumped to be in this position, to set this record, and to make some of our players very, very happy."

At the ONE MILLION mark, the loser of the Bad Beat Jackpot hand would stand to take home $325,000. The winner of the hand would walk away with $162,500 and $1,000 goes to each of the players seated at the table where the bad beat occurred, and another $162,500 minus the $1,000 to each of the players at the bad beat table is distributed amongst all players at tables playing the same game type and stakes. As the Bad Beat Jackpot grows, those numbers rise with it.

The popular online poker room’s supersized BBJ, along with the weekend’s big guaranteed tournament action at, have continued to attract an enormous number of poker players to their tables. This flurry of Hold’em‘s hopefuls at UB’s virtual felts has secured fifth spot ranking for the CEREUS Network (home of and at online Poker Traffic and News site, - above the Ongame Network and third overall for sites who accept US players.

Over on the UB Facebook page, the buzz is all about guessing what amount the next BBJ will be hit. The call is out for UB Facebook followers to submit their best ‘guess-timate’, along with their username as a comment to the original post. The closest guess will win a $215 buy-in for the following Sunday’s $200K GTD tourney at 16:00 ET.

Previously, UB’s biggest recorded BBJ was hit on June 22nd, 2008, for a mammoth $996,115.20. Online poker player RIVERMAN1969 from Pasadena, Maryland lost a hand of Texas Hold'em with four tens to BFOXY's four queens, securing over $320K for his loss. BFOXY left the table more than $160,000 richer. Other online poker players seated at the table where the bad beat occurred and those seated at BBJ tables featuring the same stakes and game type each received their share of an additional $155K-plus.

Bad Beat Jackpot is just like traditional Texas Hold'em poker with an added jackpot component. In addition, $0.50 is collected from qualifying poker hands and placed into a constantly growing pot until someone hits the jackpot.

When an online poker player loses a hand with four eights or anything better while seated at a Bad Beat Jackpot table, a percentage of the jackpot is divided among Bad Beat Jackpot players, including those seated at a Bad Beat Jackpot table featuring the same limit and game type as where the bad beat occurred.