Aussie Poker Pro In Major Coke Bust

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With the poker world firmly entrenched in the midst in the land down under, the Aussie Millions, one incident involving a local professional poker player is causing quite the negative buzz around what had been an exciting event for the better part of a week. This past Tuesday, four Australian citizens were arrested and charged with trying to smuggle 21-kilograms of cocaine into the country. In the allegation, Customs and Border Protection officers tracked down and seized sea cargo which originated from Vancouver, British Columbia. Among the men charged was a well known person in the country, a professional poker player by the name of David Saab. He faces the very serious charges of importing a commercial quantity of cocaine and attempting to possess a commercial quantity of cocaine.

In light of the news, a mini uproar has developed on with many players that have played with him commenting on the matter. It seems that the revelations have opened some eyes of those around him to his past behavior. It was not uncommon for Saab to go for poker sessions lasting up to 4 hours, while maintaining a high level of alertness at all times. Additionally, no matter whether he was up or down, he was invariably always extremely talkative to the point that he made many around him uncomfortable. All telltale signs of possible cocaine abuse.

As a result of the breaking story, an Australian based website which Saab is associated with had their own response the next day. They wrote:

Many of you will have seen the recent news regarding the arrest of David Saab and Robert Remeeus during the Aussie Millions as featured by

The team at MITH Poker and the other members of The SAAB Squad were shocked and are still in a state of disbelief at this news. This particularly hit hard at MITH Poker and the remaining members of The SAAB Squad given the recent success and interest generated at Aussie Millions and after only just recently entering into an agreement for MITH to supply the Squad’s apparel. Significant time and effort was put in to create the look of the Squad and MITH Poker was over the moon with the opportunity and response.

It appears that it will be a few months until we hear more news regarding the fate of David and Robert. In the meantime the show must go on and therefore, we thought we would at least share some of our experiences of the recent visit to the Aussie Millions before this story broke.

Seems as though the site was more concerned with how the news would negatively impact their business interests instead of a proclamation of innocence or solidarity. In either case, it seems as though Saab is in a world of trouble and would not seem to be destined to appear at any poker games anytime soon.