Apple No Appetite For Texas Hold’em App

Written by:
Aaron Goldstein
Published on:
Apple No Appetite For Texas Hold’em App

Apple has pulled its Texas Hold’em app from the Apple OS Store this week.


Apple’s only official iOS game, “Texas Hold’em” seemingly received little attention from the company with lack of additional development since debuting in 2008. 

The “play money” app enjoyed some degree of popularity but has since been crushed by the likes of Zynga.

From Apple Insider:

Though "Texas Hold'em" was the only game Apple released for the iPhone, it was not the first title the company released for its portable devices. In fact, the poker game was first launched in 2006 for the iPod classic, and utilized the device's click wheel.

Apple stopped selling its iPod click wheel games earlier this year, in a similar move where the content was quietly removed from the iTunes Store.

Apple Insider added that, “instead of developing its own games, Apple has chosen to concentrate on its iOS ecosystem and the App Store where third-party developers can make their own blockbuster titles, like ‘Angry Birds,’ ‘Plants vs. Zombies,’ and ‘Flight Control’.”

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