Annie Duke Will be Annie Duke-Reitman, Pal Says

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Thomas Somach
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Annie Duke-Reitman

Annie Duke-Reitman.

That's the name top female poker pro Annie Duke will likely go by professionally once she marries her longtime boyfriend Joe Reitman, it has been revealed.

The name Annie Duke is so well known in poker it's hard to imagine her just giving it up--in fact, the name has achieved brand status, that's how well known it is.

But if, after marriage, she takes the name of her husband--as 99% of newly-married women do--and becomes Annie Reitman, a multi-million-dollar brand will become worthless.

So what to do?

Matt Savage, tournament director for the upcoming Los Angeles Poker Classic at the Commerce Casino in Commerce, California, USA, and a friend of Duke, was asked about it Thursday on the "Sports Parade" radio show, which is on KCAA radio in Los Angeles and is hosted by sportscaster Fred Wallin.

"She said it's yet to be determined," Savage told Wallin. "She won't give me an answer, but she says there's a good chance there might be a hyphen in there. She's not sure. Joe Reitman is a great guy. And Annie is an institution in the game today. I'm interested myself, but she won't give a firm answer as of yet."

A hyphen would mean Annie Duke-Reitman then?

"That might be it," Savage told Wallin.

The move makes good sense.

Annie Duke gets to keep the famous Duke moniker but at the same time can honor her new husband by taking his name.

Annie Duke-Reitman: get used to it.

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By Tom Somach Staff Writer