Annie Duke Not Leaving UltimateBet Poker

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Annie Duke

"No...I am NOT leaving Ultimatebet!" Poker legend Annie Duke proclaimed in her blog this week.

Ms. Duke is the long time face of Ultimatebet.com.  She acts as a charitable representative of the world's 8th largest online poker room/network along side multi-bracelet winner, Phil Hellmuth.  Annie Duke was responding to rumors that were spreading across the Web.

"Lord...I'll tell you.  It is amazing that if someone just says something on the internet all of a sudden people think it is true.  The other day Wicked Chops posted that I am leaving Ultimatebet.com for another site.  I can tell you that if it is true that was the first I had heard about it!  I would love someone from the site that I am moving to to call me and tell me the deal I am getting to leave UB. 

"I mean, look, logically why would I stick with UB through everything because of my faith in the management there and then all of a sudden leave like that?  I believe in this brand and I believe in the people behind it.  Paul Leggett deserves my loyalty and he has it.  For life.  Period."

For life?  Is Annie planning on marrying Paul? Lol

Really, the average marriage these days is lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at things) to last beyond 5 years. 

But Annie Duke has proven her loyalty, especially considering what UltimateBet has gone through over the last year.

As for WickedChopsPoker.com, they don't always get it right.  After all, they are seen as the National Inquirer of the Net....compared with Gambling911.com, which is viewed in most circles as a sort of New York Times or Wall Street Journal of the Web.

Ahem, that was a joke.

Payton O'Brien, Gambling911.com Senior Editor