Annie Duke: Getting Better by Being Wrong

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Farnam Street presents and intriguing podcast featuring mostly absent poker pro Annie Duke, who once appeared as a finalist on The Apprentice with now US President Donald Trump.  She was widely condemned for her role at disgraced online poker room UltimateBet where she's been alleged to have had at least some knowledge of the thefts that were occuring there.  SCROLL DOWN

The Farnam Street podcast does not appear to cover her stint at UltimateBet, at least there is no mention of it in the synopsis.

Duke has mostly remained silent about her role with the now defunct online poker room.  She was never named in any complaint.  Other executives with the company were.

The podcast does cover the following:

    The strange circumstances that shifted Annie’s path from finishing a Ph.D. in linguistics to becoming a professional poker player
    What it was like to be a female poker player in a predominantly male sport (especially before poker had become socially acceptable)
    What drew Annie into such a high stakes, time-pressured environment and why she felt like poker was the perfect fit for her
    How her graduate work in psychology informed the way she approached the game of poker — and helped her rack up wins
    How she finds the signal in a very noisy stream of feedback
    The big mistakes Annie noticed other players making that were stalling their progress in the game but allowed her to make giant leaps forward
    The role that mental models played in her learning process (and which models Annie liked to lean on the most in a high stakes game)
    The power of surrounding yourself with people that can help you expand your circle of competence — and how that made all the difference in Annie’s development as a player
    Confirmatory and exploratory thought, and how one helps us to be “accurate” and one helps us to be “right.”
    The secret pact you should be making with the people who are closest to you