Andre ‘acoimbra’ Coimbra Featured in PokerStars Documentary (Video)

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Andre ‘acoimbra’ Coimbra Featured in PokerStars Documentary (Video)

Team PokerStars Online is back with another short documentary, this time featuring Portugal’s first Supernova Elite player, Andre ‘acoimbra’ Coimbra. The Lisbon-based player, who got into poker after winning the Magic: The Gathering world championship in 2009, is now one of the best online SNG and MTT players in the world.


2013 challenge

Andre is also well known for taking part in some tricky poker challenges, not least of which involved him playing all 100 events of a MicroMillions festival in 2012 that left him seriously sleep-deprived. This year, though, he’s aiming even higher by attempting to turn $100 into $100,000, with all money won going to charity.