AGA Chief on Why No Federal Law Allowing Online Poker: ‘Puritanism’

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Ace King
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AGA Chief on Why No Federal Law Allowing Online Poker: ‘Puritanism’

American Gaming Association’s outgoing head Frank Fahrenkopf suggested Tuesday night that a bill to legalize online poker should emerge in the House over the next couple of weeks, quite possibly authored by Republican Joe Barton of Texas. 

But when asked why no bill has passed after several attempts, Fahrenkopf had one word: “Puritanism”.

Ironically, it was’s Sue Schneider who posed the question and is, herself, considered a bit of a Puritan…in a good way perhaps. 

He blamed both the far right and far left for getting in the way of legislative efforts.

"It's a strange marriage between left and right," Fahrenkopf said, speaking Wednesday at the 2013 iGaming North America Conference at Planet Hollywood. 

He claims that conservative Republicans oppose gambling on religious grounds while the far left do not want Government dictating whether Web gambling should be legal or not.

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Fahrenkopf reiterated what he had said the night prior on the Ralston Reports.

"I wouldn't be surprised if a new bill was introduced in this session," he said.

The AGA chief also suggested that Congress would be forced to block any state compacts formed by individual states like Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey, which have already passed intrastate legislation or, in the case of New Jersey, are in the process of doing so.

"When you are talking about wagering, I wouldn't be surprised if Congress holds hearings," Fahrenkopf said.

The outgoing AGA head also had harsh words for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid during his Ralston Reports interview, noting that the issue had become politicalized. 

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