Affiliate Poker News: Million Dollar Poker Club Controversy

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Playsafe raised more than a few eyebrows at CAP Europe recently. Mike McGrath, Director of Marketing, started the controversy when he announced the key features of their newest brand, Million Dollar Poker Club, at the CEO roundtable.

He accused some of the so-called ‘big boys' in the industry of conveniently forgetting the important role of affiliates and hinted at them being stingy with their affiliate commission structure. Then he went on to announce a 100 percent commission structure for the company's top 100 affiliates, plus a weekly million-dollar freeroll. He topped it off by announcing their players would be trained by 16 million-dollar winning coaches.

The controversy deepened when he explained they weren't putting up the cash themselves for 52 million dollar tournaments. Instead, they would simply satellite their players into other people's tournaments. They had found over 100 million-dollar tournaments, some live and some on other sites. And they will satellite their players into them even if they are owned by another site. Needless to say, the affiliates were delighted and the other site operators were more than a bit upset.

Playsafe then topped off the week by throwing a lavish party with gold, body- painted models, copious alcohol, and fire-breathing dancers. It was reputedly the best party of the week and abuzz with industry gossip. The only thing missing was's Jenny Woo and transgender reporter Sparky Collins. To see the pictures click here.