Action Poker Network Now Chico Poker Network: Players Still May Be Leery

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Aaron Goldstein
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Action Poker Network

Following an announcement that PlaySafe had sold its Action Poker Network to Seychelles-based Julian International Holdings Limited, players were hopeful they may start to see their payouts in a more expedient fashion. 

For the past several months, the Action Poker Network has taken weeks – if not months – to pay players despite not allowing US customers.  Poker players in the US have come to expect intermittent longer delays due to the lack of payment processing ventures available.

PlaySafe Holding out of Norway will no take part in overall operations of their brands but will instead supply software to Julian International Holdings Limited.

“We are excited about this new strategy for Playsafe, which will now concentrate on its core strengths of developing the products for the business-to-business sector based on its proprietary software,” said Atle Johansen, Chief Executive Officer for Playsafe.

“In addition, the sale allows the company to focus on developing the Action Poker brands for new markets.”

One of those new markets appear to be the United States as, a traffic monitoring website, currently has the network marked as accepting US-based customers. 

Julian has changed the network name to Chico Poker Network and anticipates they may begin bringing on new brands. 

The network is averaging close to 400 real cash players per day.

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