Absolute Poker Head of Customer Service Arrested Earlier This Week

Written by:
C Costigan
Published on:
Absolute Poker

Olman Rimola, former head of Absolute Poker / UB.com’s customer service arm Innovative Data Solutions, was arrested earlier this week in Costa Rica following a raid on that company’s office the prior week. 

Costa Rican authorities allege that Rimola and Absolute Poker founder Scott Tom were engaged in money laundering activities.  Scott had been closely monitored after a stash of $3 million was found on board his private jet following an incident at the airport whereby the plane nearly crashed on takeoff to Colombia.   Tom is yet to be apprehended.

The investigation launched by Costa Rican authorities is not directed at the company itself but more specifically Tom and Rimola’s activities.  A third individual, who acted as a security guard for PokerStars, was also arrested on Monday.

Rimola was at one time running for Mayor of San Jose, Costa Rica. 

- Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com