5 Easy Ways to Profit More in Small Stakes Poker Games

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Small stakes poker games are popular all over the world, both in casinos and online. And many people don’t know that you can actually make a decent amount of profit in these games.

This is especially the case if you play online poker for example where you have the ability to multi-table and therefore multiply your winnings tremendously.

So in this article I am going to give you 5 easy ways to quickly start profiting more in small stakes poker games.


1. Get a Good Small Stakes Poker Strategy


The best poker strategy to consistently beat small stakes poker games is tight and aggressive, or “TAG” for short.

This means that you are going to be highly selective in which hands you choose to play before the flop and you are also going to be very aggressive after the flop.

For example, using this strategy in a 9 person poker game, you will typically only choose to play the top 15% to 20% of all hands that are dealt to you. And you will then play these hands aggressively as well.

The reason why this poker strategy works so well in small stakes games is because it ensures that you always enter the pot with a strong hand, giving you a mathematical advantage over your opponents. 

And it also allows you to win more pots uncontested, especially on the flop, turn and river by forcing people to simply fold their hand.

If you do a quick search online it is easy to find a good poker cheat sheet to help you quickly implement this tight and aggressive strategy.


2. Don’t Tilt

Poker is a tough game to win at over the long term because it is going to test you mentally in more ways than you know.

One of the hardest parts in particular about playing small stakes poker is dealing with all the bad beats that you will receive. Because a lot of the amateurs who play at these stakes don’t like to fold.

So it is very important that you are mentally prepared to get “unlucky” sometimes at the poker table. But at the same time, you should always be aware that when the math is on your side, you will win in the long run, which of course is all that really matters.


3. Find Easy Games to Beat

In poker your profits will always be directly correlated with who you choose to play against. If you choose to play at a poker table full of world class professionals, then you are probably going to struggle to win.

However, if you choose to consistently play in poker games that are full of amateurs who make big fundamental mistakes, then you will win over the long term by employing a solid tight and aggressive strategy against them.

Even in small stakes poker games these days, you need to always be aware of who is seated at the table with you. There should always be a clear reason why you are at that table (weak recreational players).


4. Don’t Ignore the Value of Position


One of the biggest keys to beating small stakes poker games is using your position at the poker table to your advantage.

This means that you put yourself in a spot where you are likely to get to act last as often as possible on the flop, turn and the river.

This will give you a large statistically proven advantage because it allows you to always see what they do first before you decide to act. This is why you want to focus on playing as many hands as you can on the button and in the cutoff.


5. Get Your Value Bets In


My last tip for consistently beating small stakes poker games is to make sure that you are always getting your value bets in.

A value bet in poker is a bet that you make anytime it is likely that you have the best hand. You want them to call you in a situation like this because it means that you will win a bigger pot.

So anytime you have a really strong hand in small stakes poker games such as an over-pair to the board or top pair for example, you want to make sure to bet.

Don’t be afraid to scare them out of the pot in situations like this because the one thing that small stakes players really like to do is call.

So if they have any kind of pair or draw, then they will be likely to call you down, which means that you will win a much bigger pot. Value betting is extremely important to your success in small stakes games.


Final Thoughts


Winning consistently in small stakes poker games isn’t that hard to do when you use the right strategy and play in good games that are full of recreational poker players.

You also need to make sure that you remain composed even when you take several bad beats in a row, pay close attention to your position at the poker table and make sure you get all your value bets in.

If you consistently follow these guidelines, then you will see your profits in small stakes poker games start quickly increasing.


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