2010 EPT Prague Attracts 563 Players Worldwide

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Ace King
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2010 EPT Prague

A total of 563 players from 47 countries competed in the 2010 EPT Prague €5,300 Main Event creating a €2,730,550 prize pool. The winner will go home with €640,000 and another 79 players will be recompensed for their efforts. EPT Prague event is running December 13-18 at Golden Prague Poker at the Hilton Prague Hotel. A total of 191 players started Day 1a.

German poker player Dirk Richter held onto the chip lead with 296700. Elias Brussianos from the US had the second largest number of chips.

14 local Czech Republic players remained as well.

2010 EPT Prague chip leaders were as follows:

Dirk Richter                           Germany                  296700

Elias Brussianos                  USA                           199600

Roberto Romanello                  UK                           196500

Nicolas Babel                           France                           191200

Tayfeh Sokor Mohsen Jalal         Germany                  188900

Laurence Houghton                  UK                           188800

Drasutis Tauras Narmontas         Lithuania                  187200

Ruslan Prydryk                  Ukraine                  181000

Tobias Reinkemeier                  Germany                  171500

Erst Mike Erstenyuk                  Ukraine                  169000

- Ace King, Gambling911.com