2010 Asia Pacific Poker Tour: 32 Players Remaining Including Daniel Negreanu

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Ace King
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2010 Asia Pacific Poker Tour:

32 players were left standing (or sitting as it may be) at this year’s 2010 Asia Pacific Poker Tour as we get set to head into Sunday’s final.  Among those still remaining, one of the biggest names in professional poker, Daniel Negreanu.

The Canadian transplant now living in the United States, Negreanu sat in the lucky 13 position in terms of overall chip count.

Leading at the end of the day was Reza Vakili of Australia followed by a fellow Aussie, Jonathan Karamalikis.

Big name player Roland de Wolfe from the United Kingdom was the third biggest chip holder. 

The 2010 Asia Pacific Poker Tour is sponsored by PokerStars.com and promises a 1st place prize of AU$459,510.



Reza Vakili - 775,000

Jonathan Karamalikis - 733,000

Roland de Wolfe - 715,500

Brendan Rubie - 690,500

Antoine Amourette, PokerStars Qualifier - 515,500

Tom Rafferty - 441,000

Dongying Ling, PokerStars Qualifier - 431,500

Mitch Carle - 407,000

Stefan Streifeneder - 368,500

Craig Bourke, PokerStarsQualifier - 350,500

- Ace King, Gambling911.com