2010 APPT Sydney Grand Final Leaderboard (At Day 2 Start)

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
2010 APPT Sydney Grand Final

With 289 entrants at the 2010 APPT Sydney Grand Final, 163 remain, of which the vast majority were Australians.

Daniel Neilson continued to hold onto the chip leader position, followed by fellow Aussie Aaron Tran.

One Canadian and a Malaysian also were among the top 10 chip leaders. 

Daniel Neilson                           Australia                  164100

Aaron Tran                           Australia                  147200

Manuel Hansimikali                  Australia                  136600

Reza Vakili                           Australia                  129800

Aleks Brkovic                           Australia                  129100

Brent Bibby                           Canada                  128800

Antonis Kambouroglou         Australia                  119200

Vijayan Nagarajan                  Malaysia                  118300

Jai Kemp                           Australia                  108600

Andrew Hiscox                  Australia                  107600

Barry Forrester                  Australia                  107200

The champion will be crowned this coming Sunday.  First place receives  AU$459,510.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com