2010 APPT Sydney Day 1b Chip Leaders: Negreanu Among Top 20

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
2010 APPT Sydney

US poker pro Daniel Negreanu was among the top 20 chip leaders following Day 1b play at the 2010 APPT Sydney poker tournament. 

The 20 chip leaders were mostly from Australia with 2 from New Zealand, 1 from the Netherlands, 1 from Russia and another US player in the mix, Eddy Sabat. 

Daniel Neilson of Australia led the pack with 164100 chips.

To date, Neilson has won over $300,000 in live poker tournaments.

Aaron Tran, also of Australia, came in as the second biggest chip holder with 147,200. 

Aussie Sean Dunwoodie had 95400 chips. 

Grant Levy, also of Australia, was the 4th biggest chip leader and the most successful player to date among the top 5.  He has won $1.2 million in live tournaments to date.  His biggest cash was a first place finish at the APPT Sydney/Season 1 in 2007 where he walked off with $759,340.

Daniel Neilson                  Australia         164100

Aaron Tran         Australia                  147200

Sean Dunwoodie         Australia         95400

Grant Levy         Australia                  92900

Chris Bianco         Australia                  86000

Jason Brown         New Zealand         83000

Jay Kinkade         Australia                  82500

Eddy Sabat         United States         79200

Heinz Kamutzki         Australia         79200

Maksim Semisoshenko         Russian Federation         75500

Liam O'Rourke         Australia         65700

Andrew Hinrichsen         Australia                           64000

Roel Pijpers         Netherlands                  64000

Simon Watt         New Zealand         59200

Daniel Ward         Australia                  59100

Daniel Negreanu         United States                           57400

Andrew Gaw         Australia         52500

Sam Muir         Australia                  51900

Brendon Rubie         Australia         46700

Ismail Ismail         Australia         46100

- Ace King, Gambling911.com