South Carolina Supreme Court To Determine If Poker Is Game Of Skill

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
South Carolina Supreme Court

A South Carolina Supreme Court is set to hear arguments in order to determine whether poker is considered a “game of skill” or “one of luck”.

The justices will be hearing arguments on Tuesday as part of an appeal of a local judge's ruling that Texas Hold'em is a game of skill, not chance.  Circuit Judge Markley Dennis had ruled that poker games in private homes did not violate state gambling laws.  His ruling tossed out convictions of five individuals who had been charged with playing poker in a private home game.

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster is challenging the ruling.

“Despite respondents’ effort at misdirection, this is a simple case,” the filing says. “Respondents were playing cards, ‘Texas Hold ’Em poker,’ for money in what had become a ‘house used as a place of gaming,’ “ attorneys wrote. “Players learned of the poker games, which were held on a regular basis, over the Internet. Numerous players attended and participated in these games. If this scenario does not violate (state law), few would.”

The Poker Players Alliance assisted the five individuals during their trial.  Well known poker pro and most recent Poker Hall of Fame inductee Mike Sexton testified on behalf of the five defendants at the time. 

A decision in this matter is not likely before year’s end.  – Ace King,