100 Billionth Hand to be Dealt Soon at PokerStars (Video)

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100 Billionth Hand to be Dealt Soon at PokerStars

The milestone hands are coming thick and fast in PokerStars' 100 Billion Hands countdown. The hand ticker will today cross the 99.9bn threshold, and since last Friday when the first of 300 regular milestone hands kicked in, almost $700,000 has been awarded to players. 

However, the big one is still to come. In just over 48 hours' time, the 100-billionth hand will be dealt, which will award $1 million to players on just one hand of poker!

Find out more, and some amazing facts about the number ‘100 billion’, by watching PokerStars’ animated infographic: .  

For more details about how players can become big winners on the milestone hands, check out the video below:

Greatest Ever Hands
Yesterday saw the voting for ‘The Greatest Ever Poker Hand in the History of PokerStars’ come to an end, with the public choosing ‘The One Where Daniel Calls It’ as their favourite. The video got the most votes and shares from poker fans.

$3 million more to be won!
Don't forget that even after the 100-billionth hand is dealt there is a further $3 million to be given away in ring games, tournaments and Sit & Go promotions until the end of June.

Don’t miss out on:

  • World Record Tournament (June 16)
  • Golden Sit & Go's (June 17-23)
  • Zoom 100 (June 23)
  • Zoom and BOOM! (June 24-30)

$1m Ultimate Freeroll (June 30)