Poker Pro Phil Galfond: 'Hopefully Someone Will Infiltrate & Expose Cheater", CEO Offers Reward

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Ace King
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Americas Cardroom CEO Phil Nagy has vowed to pay a 100k reward for proof of cheating on his poker site, specifically by an individual called out by poker pro Phil Galfond.

"I take security seriously," Nagy said.

Galmond pointed to a tweet by one Barry Carter.

A poker writer whose books include "Mystery Bounty Poker Strategy (The Poker Solved Series)" and "PKO Poker Strategy: How to adapt to Bounty and Progressive Knockout online poker tournaments (The Poker Solved Series)", Carter tweeted out the following:

"Oooh Ali Imsirovic is coaching people now. I wonder if he is coaching people on poker or, you know, the other thing."

Back in September, Imsirovic was banned from all PokerGO events through the 2022 season.

“The PokerGO Tour (PGT) today announced the indefinite suspensions of Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler from tour play, effective immediately. The suspensions will extend through at least the 2022 PGT season, upon which time a review will take place,” the statement said. “The PGT is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and emphasizes proper conduct to ensure the safety and security of its players and events.”

Both were accused of colluding in live tournaments and using real-time assistance software online.

Matt Blakely offered:

"Lots of rumors floating around that the stable is divided according to shifts; newer guys play early stages, mid stages are for vets, etc, with Ali and Chris Fitz closing out using dream machines... Just heresy though."

Bobby MacNeil tweeted:

"There should be a zero tolerance policy for cheating in the poker community. One of the main reasons to this day I hate how loved Jungleman is in the poker world. If he wasn’t popular people would care more but it is what it is unfortunately."

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