2018 PGA Championships: The Hole-In-One Wager

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For golf bettors, a hole-in-one is the ultimate prize wager. Odds on players getting a hole-in-one in a tournament have dropped significantly since the days when 100 to 1 were offered. This is good news for online bookies looking to cash in on hole-in-one wagers. After all, the lower the potential payout, the better for the bookie, right?

Pay per head tools allow bookies to adjust hole-in-one odds on different tournaments. That’s an advantage that cannot be understated since fair odds on a hole-in-one are determined by a number of factors. With that in mind, can online bookies profit from the hole-in-one bet at this year’s PGA Championship?

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Baltusrol Golf Course

There have only been 3 hole-in-ones recorded at Baltusrol Golf Course on the National Hole In One Registry. This is a good sign for pay per head bookies. If there aren’t a significant number of hole-in-one’s recorded for a golf course, it’s likely that a hole-in-one is a tough accomplishment over that course. Baltusrol is already known as a tough course. You have to figure that it’s going to be even tougher for the pros at the PGA Championship.

Par-3’s at Baltusrol

There are 4 par 3 holes at Baltusrol. The par 3 holes are hole 4, hole 9, hole 12 and hole 16. Hole 4 is a 199-yard par 3. Golfers must hit the ball past the largest body of water on the course. Some say that getting into the bunker is a suitable way of the playing the hole. It’s doubtful any golfer in the PGA Championship will get a hole-in-one on hole 4 this week.

Hole 9 is a 211 par 3. Hole 12 is a 219 par 3. Hole 16 is a 230 par 3. All par 3s will be difficult for a golfer to record a hole-in-one. The length of each hole, as well as the pro’s willingness to play up on the par 3s while searching for birdies on the par 4s, should lead to no hole-in-ones at Baltusrol this weekend.

Online bookies should consider calling a per head representative and offering a hole-in-one wager. The key will be to keep the odds to 7/2, which is the average to get a hole-in-one, in any PGA Tournament.   


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