Everything You Should Look For In An Online Sportsbook

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Online sportsbooks have come a long way in the past decade. Many refer to them as ‘betting sites’ - but sportsbooks have long since evolved beyond the initial wave of online bookies. That said, with so many of them out there - what should you be looking for?


There are plenty of things to consider. Does the sportsbook you’re looking into have the latest golf tournaments? What about the odds for the Olympic Games? Can you use it easily via mobile?

Here’s a walkthrough of everything you should be looking for in the perfect sportsbook online.


A Range of Sports

You’re likely to consider the range or variety of sports and odds available before you sign up at a sportsbook. This can be a fairly individual point to consider. For example, some bettors may want a site that offers all the latest NBA in-play markets. Others may prefer those that cater to niches such as snooker and darts.

The more sports available at a sportsbook, the better - generally. However, you may find that some sites specialising in football or motor racing, for example, have more in-depth markets.


Customer Service

Customer care isn’t always the first thing people consider when looking for betting on the web. However, a cornerstone of all great online sportsbooks is customer care availability - and the quality of service. It’s easy enough to see if a site has lots of service options from the get-go.

However, you will typically need to look at online reviews when it comes to quality of care. Check out what real bettors are saying!


Banking Standards

Consider the payment and withdrawal options that are most useful to you. The right sportsbook for you should not only support this option but should also allow for fast deposit and withdrawal. 

Again, these details should be easy to spot at the best online betting sites. However, some will hide this information. Try and steer clear - or, again, read up on what other bettors have to say.


Secure Platforms

It’s something of a given that the best sportsbooks online should be safe and secure to use. However, there is a handful that does slip through the net - sadly. The best way to check is to see current certificates and read any labels or buttons on the main page. These will readily tell you if payments are secured by a service provider.


Mobile Availability

More and more of us are betting via mobile in the modern age. Whether that’s by phone, tablet, or otherwise, mobile-first design is a must. A genuinely great sportsbook will have a mobile site that’s easy to navigate and browse. Others, meanwhile, may even have apps that you can download for free.

A bookie or sportsbook that’s unwilling to adapt to mobile betting is not one you should get behind. Fewer and fewer of us are using desktops to bet, which means they’re at risk of falling behind.


Other Points


Of course, there will be a few points to keep in mind that are important to your betting experience. You might be looking for a bookie that has slot games alongside, for example. Or, the strength of promotions, VIP clubs, and welcome bonuses may be of equal importance to you.

In any case, it is getting easier to spot the best sportsbooks amongst the crowd. Regardless, that’s no excuse to let your guard down. Be sure to know what you want in your betting experience before you make a firm decision.


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