Yggdrasil, CasinoBeats, and CasinoGrounds partnering up for Slot Battle 2020

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Slot Battle 2020, one of the biggest online gaming events happened through the partnership with Yggdrasil, CasinoBeats and Casino Grounds. This time around the event took place at ICE in London, where CasinoBeats was a networking event.

As per usual there were three teams competing against each other for the grand prize of $10k while also being given a $9k cash drop during their competition that lasted exactly one hour. These teams are made up of one operator and one streamer because the whole event is a live stream so they recruit people who have experience streaming their games live and have been doing so a while and have their own fan-base. This year around the three chosen streamers were LetsGiveItASpin, Nickslots and Slotspinner and all three of them were playing Yggdrasils latest and the most anticipated release, Temple Stacks.

The event had thousands of viewers online, some were fans of the players, others of the Slot Battle and some who just enjoyed watching these sorts of competitions online. 

The goal of the competition, as usual, is to claim the highest coin win and then they are crowned as the tournament winner along with the generous prize from the sponsors like Rizk.

This Slots Battle was quite important for the Yggdrasil, who has just launched its latest game that features its innovative Splitz Mechanic. As an online gaming solutions provider, Yggdrasil is always setting trends and introducing novelties to the market and has consistently done a good job of not only deliver high-quality products but also promoting it in the best way possible and getting many people on board with their projects, while offering the solid amount of $10k to the winners, giving them motivation to do their best and shows people who don’t have as much experience as to how it’s done. 

About the game of the championship

Temple Stacks is a Splitz game, based on the Aztec empire, the topic that usually does quite well on the gaming market, because of its unique and interesting graphics and the mystery around the empire. The introduction of Splitz ranks a new era for the Yggdrasil, and the more Splitz you get the biggest are your chances of winning. Usually, in the game, you will find 3-9 symbols and Splitz could be in any one of them, which means that it would be your lucky spin. There are a couple of levels, although all of them offer the Splitz. 


There are Base Game and a Free Spins mode and during the latter, the player will choose between the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond rounds, all of them having the value according to their title. The concept of the game is quite exciting and different from what we see on the regular gaming websites every day. The need for high quality well thought out slot games was evident to the executives at the Yggdrasil and their decision to introduce Temple Stacks has proven to be a successful decision that has already granted the gaming company a lot of attention.

Many Partners of Slots Battle 2020

CasinoBeats and Casinogrounds are not the only partners of Yggdrasil on this event. The gaming solutions provider also partnered up Rizk, Dunder and Casino Calzone as its operators throughout the championship. But it’s also important to mention the streaming community without whom this event would be half as successful. As the company watched closely the trend of the gaming world, the importance of streamers has never been higher and they are responsible for creating a lot of trends for the community. 


This is why the Yggdrasil is keeping a close touch with the streaming community to stay on top fo the trends and be in tune with the demands of the most loyal players. There is no better way to raise awareness bout any of the games than to ask the streamer to play it during their live stream so the companies are relying on streamers more and more for promotion. 


When it comes to Casino Grounds, it managed to transform itself from a small forum of casino streamers to the biggest casino community and as the online gaming streamer’s power continues to grow there will be more and more similar events, probably from other providers as well. The story of Casino Grounds is similar to other gambling communities’ development, as well as the growth of the streaming services. The fact is that the industry is growing and its tools are changing too. While streaming would not even be taken seriously a couple of years ago now we have huge gaming providers like Yggdrasil organizing huge events like these for streamers and their fans. It shows that the gambling community really does have the power and the big companies are willing to listen and collaborate with its outstanding members and loyal fans. 

Online Streaming as the next big thing

While the industry professionals see the resources and the potential that this community has not everyone who loves gambling and casino games is involved with ti because it is relatively new. But as we’ve seen from this example, and many more successes of streamers the power dynamic is slowly shifting in the industry. While the big companies used to dictate the options now the community has the power, even if through the streamers to reach their voices to these big providers and have their concerns and ideas hears. This is very important for the community to grow in size and to get some loyal players on board with the gaming companies. 


The set up of this tournament feels very professional and geared towards gamers. The name of the winner will be announced soon and we will see which one of the streamers takes home $10k for simply streaming the game they love for the larger audience while competing with equally talented and skilled players. Slots Battle is one of the most important gaming events of the year and with each passing ceremony we see that the influence of gaming is growing and the event are also becoming more fun and exciting. 


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