Wizard of Odds Updates Presentation of Website

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Wizard of Odds Updates Presentation of Website

Gambling information site Wizard of Odds  has updated its website to bring a new browsing experience for those looking for information related to casino games.

The new look and feel for the website brings an easier to read interface, new visual set, and easy to navigate mobile site. The new layout puts less clicks between users and the information they are seeking, giving the Wizard of Odds site a leg up on a lot of their competition.

Visitors to the new site will see a bright and vibrant logo led by a menu that includes Odds and Strategies, Game Calculators, Gambling Info, Play for Fun, Gambling Online, and Ask the Wizard sections. Into the meat of the page, players will find the newest guides and articles, followed by a selection of free games. Other sections of the site are also available further down the page, including links to podcasts, videos, and the ever popular “Ask the Wizard” section, which sees Michael Shackleford addressing gambling, specific games, and even life in general.

“With so many gambling related sites out there, we know it is important to offer visitors a web experience that is not only full of useful information, but is also pleasing to the eye,” said Wizard of Odds owner Josh Chan. “With the revamped look and feel to Wizard of Odds, we feel that we have strengthened one of the best gambling information portals on the web, that will keep new traffic coming in for years to come.” The desktop version of Wizard of Odds is not the lone version of the site to be upgraded, as the mobile version of the site has been completely revamped, giving users a bold and easy to read interface that is perfect for smartphones and tablets. Visitors to the mobile site will find that text takes on a prominent role, as site engineers have designed the platform to be easy on the eyes, giving users the ability to get the information they need without causing strain that is often seen on sites not optimized for smaller screens. “We know how important the mobile platform is moving forward, and because of that we wanted to make sure that we made our site as friendly as possible to those on a phone or tablet,” said Chan. “We know this design lays the foundation for the road moving forward.” 

The new design of Wizard of Odds is one of three that have taken place for the Wizard family of sites, as the Wizard of Vegas, and Wizard of Macau sites have also seen extensive overhauls in the past few months. The Wizard of Vegas is a forum site that offers discussion regarding Las Vegas, gambling, and a variety of other topics. The Wizard of Macau gives visitors an exclusive look at the world’s largest gambling market, giving players information regarding the casinos, hotels, resorts, and restaurants. 

The Wizard of Odds website was founded by Michael Shackleford and provides a series of guides to different casino games, giving players the best strategy and odds against the house. Mr. Shackleford is a professional actuary who has made a name for himself by analyzing casino games and calculating the various odds and strategies attached to them. The site has proven to be very popular and has grown to include a series of videos and programmed strategy modes that allow players to practice their strategy. In 2014 Mr. Shackleford sold the Wizard of Odds and its family sites to Josh Chan of the Latest Casino Bonuses Network, and the site has seen major renovations in the time since.

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