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Gambling information site Wizard of Odds has announced the release of a new Three Card Poker game, which gives players the opportunity to improve their strategy when playing the popular casino game.

The new game was developed by developer JB, and pits players at a virtual Three Card Poker table. The game sets players up with a $10,000 bankroll and has a minimum bet of $5 with no maximum. There are also Pair Plus and Ante Bonus pays in the game, which can pay out on: pairs, flushes, straights, three of a kind, and straight flushes. The key difference with the Wizard’s Three Card Poker versus the other games online is the special strategy ticker, which pops up when you make a decision that is not the proper strategy. This is to help train you to make the right calls when playing the game for real money.

Three Card Poker is a game that sees players putting up an ante bet with the option of betting on a Pair Plus side bet. Players are then dealt out a hand of three cards, where they analyze their hand to determine whether or not they have a strong poker hand. If players feel they have a good hand, they can double their bet to the play diamond, after which the dealer’s cards are revealed. If the player has a better hand than the dealer, you win double the ante and play bet (as well as a payout on the side bet should you hold one of the special hands).

'*Our goal was to develop a game that was both fun and informative for players,*' said Wizard of Odds owner Josh Chan. '*We do everything we can to help maximize the player’s chances of success against the house, and we are proud to have such a deep game to learn from.*

' In other Wizard related news, the site has also announced that they have developed a new Omaha Hold’em game calculator, which allows players to check out their odds of winning a hand against a number of players at a table. The game allows you to select between two and ten players, have between zero and eight random folded players, and the betting round (before flop, after flop, after the turn, and after the river. The calculator is well-presented, and serves to give the more complicated computations that Omaha offers when compared to the more popular Texas Hold'em. Players can make the scenarios completely random or set themselves up with particular hands, which give them the ability to analyze past hands that they may have mis-played in the past.

'*While not as popular as Texas Hold’em, Omaha still has a large player base, so we knew we wanted to develop a calculator to help show players the odds on different hands,*' said Chan. '*We hope to continue developing new calculators for all the different forms of poker in order to keep educating players.*'

The Wizard of Odds is an informational betting site that was founded by Michael Shackleford  in 1997. The site has become popular throughout the world for its easy to understand articles regarding the odds attached to online and land based casino games. Mr. Shackleford sold the site to Josh Chan in 2014, and the site has been a part of the Latest Casino Bonuses Network since that time. The site offers strategy guides, free games, calculators, and reviews of online casinos throughout the world. Other Wizard related sites include the popular gambling forum Wizard of Vegas, and travel guide Wizard of Macau, which analyzes all things about the world’s largest gambling destination.

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