Why Slot Games Are Continuing to Dominate the Online Casino Market

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As 2016 drew to a close, there was little doubt that the online casino market was established as the world's primary growth industry.

This sector now boasts a cumulative value of $45.8 billion, while this is expected to increase by more than 20% by the end of 2018 (when the market will peak at $56.05 billion).

While there are many factors that have driven such incredible growth, it is the successful diversification of the market that has remained the most prominent. This, in turn, has been inspired by the rise of themed, online slot games, which now dominate the virtual casino sector and contribute millions in revenue on an online basis.

Why Have Slot Games Become So Popular Over Time?

Slot titles are popular among players and operators alike, as there are several reasons for this. From a player's perspective, slots are accessible, low-skill games that appeal to a potentially huge demographic (including both male and female participants). These titles are also renowned for offering competitive RTP (return to player) rates, with a growing number of games delivering numbers in excess of 97%.

The combination of simplicity and viable returns is what continues to drive the universal of online slots among players, while the presence of relatively low house edges also increase the probability of achieving regular success.

Developers are also increasingly keen on delivering unique slot game experiences to their customers, while they also continue to leverage these titles to drive their online promotions. If you take a look at bestukcasino.org.uk, which compares the best casino sites in the UK, you will see that slot games are used as a prominent advertising tool while they also add incredible depth and diversity to the library of titles available.

Not only this, but the unique and immersive nature of slots has enabled developers to create themed titles for players, helping them to target larger audiences in the process. These games also traverse various boundaries of popular culture, allowing operators to tap into successful film and television franchises and generate huge amounts of revenue. The popular Game of Thrones slot game offers a relevant case in point, as this leverages high quality graphics and audio to capture the essence of the television show and target existing fans of the franchise.

How Technology Has Enhanced the Natural Advantages of Slot Games

The universal popularity of slot games shows no sign of abating, with the continued development and sophistication of mobile technology helping to enhance the natural advantages of the medium. After all, there is minimal complexity to slot games, while their lack of reliance on strategy and numerical ability means that they are able to create genuinely fun, interactive and immersive experiences. So as slots have become more accessible through smartphones and tablets, players have embraced the medium and developed a true passion for their favourite games.

With the quality of graphics and animation set to improve throughout 2017, and a larger number of themed titles likely to be released by operators, the next 12 months will see slot games become increasingly dominant in the online casino space. This will also have a huge impact on revenues, so do not be surprised if the sector grows at a faster rate than has been predicted in the near-term future.


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