Why Playtech Decided to Remove Its Popular Marvel-Themed Slots

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You are not a true Playtech fan if you haven’t played the praised Marvel slots which were, next to the heroic storyline, filled with bonuses and features that gamblers enjoyed. Unfortunately, the superhero era of Playtech’s trademark machines has ended. The Marvel-inspired slots were removed by Playtech on April 1st, 2017, and the vendor lost all the rights to these games. The change in regulations happened to be a big consequence for Playtech, but in fact, Walt Disney decided to remove all Marvel content from online gambling, meaning that more manufacturers will suffer. The information about removing these games came as a shock not only for slot developers and players but also for online casinos that earned big thanks to the machines.

The Due Date

We mentioned that the April 1st, 2017 was the day when all Marvel machines were banned. It may seem like the April 1st is a joke after many years of playing these games - but players ended up disappointed anyhow. The exact reason for this happening is not specified, but what is certain is that Playtech had permissions problems with Walt Disney, as explained below. What’s more important now for players is that the Marvel slots are on their way to being re-branded! They will drop below the new “Age of God” classification which will bring the developer a full legal right to the games.

About Permission

Casinos with Marvel superheroes offered these online games for many years now. However, the rightful owner and creator of these heroes are the Walt Disney team, and they decided not to reaffirm the license. Moreover, the time limit did not come to the Playtech vendor only. All other companies that have similar themed real cash casino slots, like Primeslots.com, ended up being restricted in the same way by the Marvel team.

Unfortunately, the public doesn’t know the exact reason this happened, but it’s most likely this has something to do with Disney not wanting to be associated with gambling. The Walt Disney team is choosing to create new games with more family-oriented content that is not related to betting platforms, and they want to keep the family image they are well known for.

The biggest problems are exactly the slot titles which now clearly indicate the theme of Marvel heroes. Therefore, the best solution would be to rename them and put them into a new series which is exactly what Playtech decided. The Fantastic Four is now “the Age of the Gods”, but the slot games themselves remain more or less untouched regarding additions and options. As far as awards, jackpots, and bonuses, they will continue to be the same and will come back to the market pretty soon.

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The List of Removed Slot Machines

•    Fantastic Four Slot

•    Iron Man 3 Slot

•    Iron Man 2 Slot

•    Ghost Rider Slot

•    The Avengers Slot

•    The Incredible Hulk Slot

•    Captain America

•    Wolverine Slot

•    Thor the Mighty Avenger Slot

•    Elektra

Should Players Be Worried?

Everyone knows that the Marvel slot machines are one of the most exciting online gambling games which attract players thanks to more than just a theme and a title. They built their name regardless of the fact that they are related to Disney and Marvel; hence, the small changes shouldn’t bring a much different feeling to their gameplay.

When Playtech returns these slots to use, the greatest thing is the retaining of all extra features and bonus games. Furthermore, players will be able to enjoy an even better panel as the manufacturer now has the opportunity to enhance the looks and options of these machines. Moreover, what is truly important is the same possibility for winning the Progressive Jackpot, which is one more reason to stay in touch and wait for the favorite slots to return.  



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