Why Pay by Phone Casinos is a Big Thing in The UK

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According to the official statistics, every other person in the UK has gambled last year. Many people do it regularly too, so it’s not surprising that gambling is popular in all its forms.

One of the newest forms of gambling is mobile casinos that accept mobile payments. Online casino players are quick to pick up new innovations that add simplicity and convenience and pay by phone gambling was no exception.

Pay by Phone Casinos in The UK

But why is phone billing such a hit among the British players? With strict limits and no withdrawal option, it’s certainly not the most convenient of choices.

We have three answers to this question:

  1. The booming online casino industry

  2. People pay by phone for extra security

  3. Pay by phone services have always been popular in the UK

Let’s delve into each of these in more detail below.

1. The Perfect Place for Casino Innovation

The remote gambling industry in the UK generates around £5 billion in revenue yearly. It has millions of players and thousands of casinos for the masses to choose from.

With such a competition, it isn’t easy to rise above the rest. Pay by phone billing, however, has allowed some sites to do just that. As the players explored this new option, it became increasingly popular.

After all, depositing money by sending a single SMS message takes seconds and is completely secure. Not only did mobile gambling sites adopt this payment method, but they also improved other aspects of gambling on mobile.

The operators implemented mobile games, responsive platforms and entertainment suited to players on the go. Thus, phone billing became a natural part of the shift towards smartphone gaming.

2. Pay by Phone is 100% Secure

The UK’s gambling industry is heavily regulated by the government. The Gambling Commission oversees that customers are treated fairly and are secure.

They have over 400,000 problem gamblers in there and not all casinos are as fair as they seem. For this reason, the Brits pay much attention to the legitimacy and security of such sites.

Not coincidentally, pay by phone bill method is the most secure of them all. Since it’s processed offline and can’t be easily used for ill purposes, it quickly rose to prominence.

3. Pay by Phone and Boku Services

Phone billing wasn’t something completely new to the people in Great Britain. Some were already used to paying for services or purchases via SMS messages.

Payment methods like Boku and Pay by Phone have been there for years before their appearance at gambling sites. So, when the first pay by phone casinos launched, many already knew what this was about.

This has given phone bill casinos a head-start among mobile punters. Besides, since it’s so easy to pick up, even those who didn’t know about it could start using it in mere minutes!

TL;DR - All the reasons combined, it’s easy to see why pay by phone is such a big deal in the UK. Simple to use, safe and incorporated into an already vast industry of online gambling, phone billing fit right in.


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