Why online casinos sites outside the UK are so popular with Britain users

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Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular with people. At the same time, they are played not only in Britain, but also abroad. Online casinos that operate in the UK have an official license, but its price is quite high and that is why there are very few different bonus promotions in such online casinos. Best non UK casino sites offer not only a large number of bonuses, but also various tournaments, as well as a loyalty program. Such bonuses not only allow you to increase the deposit amount, but also allow you to regularly win large amounts of money.


Why online casinos outside of Britain?


Most of these casinos are located in offshore zones (Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar and others), but despite this they have official licenses that allow them to engage in this type of activity.

At the same time, they reduce their tax deductions from profits, and also do not buy official licenses of the countries in which they carry out their work. They use these funds to advertise their online casino, keep some of them for themselves (they must earn in order to exist), and direct the third part of the money to bonuses for their clients. At the same time, not only regular players participate in the bonus program, but also new customers who have just passed the registration procedure.


Also, online casinos outside of Britain hold various daily (weekly tournaments), as well as various kinds of lotteries, in which absolutely any online casino player can take part. To participate in the promotion, there is no need to purchase special tickets, but simply play your favorite slot machines or table games.


Advantages of online casinos outside of Britain


They have a number of advantages. The main advantages include:


- A really large selection of slot machines and various table games. The choice is often much larger due to the fact that unlicensed software is used. You also have to pay for a license, and this will lead to additional expenses, and therefore to a decrease in bonuses. At the same time, such slots do not differ from licensed ones, and you can play them not only for money, but also for free using a special DEMO mode.


- Complete anonymity and security of all players. No one will know about the win if the player does not tell about it himself. Therefore, you can not pay taxes on the winnings.


- They have an extensive bonus program that significantly increases the deposit amount (100% or more on the first deposit), as well as provides various free spins in the most popular slot machines. In the loyalty program, you can exchange points for both unique prizes and Real money.


- Online casinos outside the UK can be played by players who have independently registered in the GamStop system. You can find UK betting sites not on GamStop yourself, but it is very difficult to do this and the number of such online casinos is not large.


- Also, in such online casinos, it is not prohibited to use special strategies and tables that will increase the chances of winning, as well as provide the player with certain advantages when playing in an online casino. Their use is prohibited, but it is almost impossible to track and prove the use of this fact.


-Lower limits on deposits /withdrawals from the balance of the gaming account, which allows you to play at very low rates.


Features of online casinos outside of Britain


It is fashionable to highlight a number of features that such online casinos have, namely:


-Instant registration, without the need to confirm the entered data. Allows you to immediately top up your gaming account and start playing, after which it is possible to immediately withdraw the funds won,


- A large number of methods of replenishment of the gaming account. At the same time, it should be taken into account that there may be a commission when replenishing the balance using bank cards. The commission amount is minimal, but for some players it will cause certain inconveniences.


- The presence of a large number of alternative addresses or mirrors. Since the official website of the online casino, as well as its mirror, can be blocked by Internet providers.


Experienced customers of various online casinos outside the UK are used to these features, but new players may experience certain inconveniences.




Online casinos outside the UK have a number of advantages and their popularity, both in Britain and abroad, is growing daily. This is due to the excellent bonus program, the abundance of slot machines and table games, as well as the complete anonymity and security of all online casino customers. The online casino takes funds for this not from players, but from tax deductions, which are significantly lower in offshore zones than in the UK.


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