Why Greek Mythology Games Are So Popular in 2020

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Many of the best slots titles have traditionally transported players to interesting locations and time periods for more of an immersive experience. Ancient Egypt and the green fields of Ireland are two of the most popular examples of this trend.

The rise of Greek mythology as the basis for slots games has also been noticeable in recent times. Why has this genre become so widely played (and produced), and what does it offer?


Some Fascinating Characters

Ancient Greek legends cover some of the most fascinating characters that have ever been described. Take, for example, the mysterious Medusa, who had a head full of snakes rather than hair and who could turn enemies to stone just by looking at them.

Medusa was killed by the heroic Perseus, who used winged sandals to reach her cave. He then used Medusa’s head as a weapon, turning King Atlas – the powerful Titan who holds up the heavens – to stone.

The pantheon of Greek Gods includes other fascinating figures such as Poseidon, who rules the planet’s seas and storms.  The mighty Zeus is the God of the Sky and Lightning, among other things, and he is the most powerful of the deities living on Mount Olympus. Hades is the King of the Underworld.

How They Are Woven into Slots

Different games developers have adopted a variety of approaches. We can see the likes of Age of Gods: King Olympus by Playtech and Dawn of Olympus by GameArt at the Casino777 online casino. Dawn of Olympus has five reels and ten paylines on it, featuring the likes of Zeus and Athena, as well as Gaia and Chronos.

The Playtech title is part of their Age of Gods series of games that each features divine action from various time periods and settings. Their God of Olympus game is a 5-reel affair with 25 paylines. Within it, the imposing Zeus is the wild, while the winged horse Pegasus also makes an appearance on the reels.

Another slot that steps back in time to this era is NetEnt’s Divine Fortune, which features Pegasus heavily and is well-known for its progressive jackpots. Medusa from NextGen has the iconic title character in it as an expanding wild, as well as several buildings and items from the period.

Meanwhile, Hot as Hades from Microgaming is more of a light-hearted affair, as players enter a cartoon-style version of the Underworld. The multi-headed dog known as Cerberus, Zeus and Medusa are among the symbols that crop up in this slot.


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Why They Are So Popular

Most of these slots based on Ancient Greek culture offer a classic playing experience first of all. You should find wilds, free spins and the other features that you are used to seeing elsewhere.  

These games stand out in casino lobbies mainly because of the beautifully-drawn images of characters we are familiar with and intrigued by. This period lends itself to great graphics, because the Gods and other symbols are so visually arresting.  

What's more, much of their rise to popularity comes from the Age of Gods franchise by Playtech, which started off as a rebranding of discontinued licensing deal but has blossomed into a series of iGaming titles known for their immersive gameplay and potential.

You don’t need to have any special interest in Greek legends to play these games. Anyone looking for a classic slot with an exciting, epic twist to it can find a lot to enjoy by exploring the fables and deities in them.     

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