When Are Online Casinos Coming To Your State? US Legislation And Gambling

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Online gambling is a big deal lately, as many US states are fighting to legalize it. Some already have, with sports gambling being a particularly popular variant. Online sportsbooks are very convenient and provide great platforms for fantasy leagues. States that have legalized online gambling are already making tons of money, as evidenced by 2021’s revenue data. So then why isn’t it legal all over the USA? Well, like many other things, it comes down to the ideals of each state’s populace.


Online gambling is technically allowed at a federal level as long as it obeys certain laws pertaining to Native American tribe rights. Yet like many other issues, the individual states have the power to decide for themselves. This has led to different legislation across the board as some states quickly legalize gambling in all forms, others ban specific games, and some can’t get it legalized at all. 

The Federal Decision

The US Supreme Court overturned a prohibition on federal sports betting in 2018. This started a wave of state legislation on online gambling and sports betting. The convenience of online gambling is tempting, easing new users in with promo deals and lower bets. For this reason, it can be extremely profitable. With dollar signs in their eyes, a lot of states quickly put gambling laws into motion and opened their platforms in 2020 or early 2021. 

Other states got stuck in the negotiation stage. In California, for instance, the local Native American tribes had problems with online gambling. They preferred to have gambling take place on their physical lands only. This is also a big issue with the law itself, as the federal regulation states that gambling must take place on tribal lands. Some have circumvented this by hosting the online gambling servers on the tribe’s property. That’s often good enough, but in some cases a federal judge deems it unlawful and sends the state’s betting legislation back to square one. This is the problem that Florida is now facing. 

Another part of the issue is what the people think. According to newyorkbets.com, many New Yorkers are ready to get to online sports betting. New York City is set to become a powerhouse in the scene with its millions of people. If only a fraction of them actually take up the hobby, the revenue will still be among the top in the country. To get gambing legislation going, the people of a state have to vote for it in local elections. But to get to that point, the measure must first pass through the local government. New York was stuck on that step for a while, leading to it waiting until 2022 to actually get legal sports betting going. 

So every state faces different obstacles, be it the letter of the law or a divided stance among lawmakers. One thing most can agree on, however, is that legal gambling means more money. 

Put Your Money Where Your Legislation Is


Success cases such as Pennsylvania are a good example of what California and New York could be having. Pennsylvania legalized gambling a while ago and has posted big numbers. Online casinos can bring in millions in a single month, with sports betting making up a huge part of that. 

Those millions in revenue are hard to ignore, especially given the current financial difficulties Americans now face. Online gambling and sports betting stations in local arenas can create jobs and give people a chance to increase their income. For that reason, many states are prioritizing passing measures pertaining to legalized gambling. But legislation is a tricky business, so it will surely be a while before all or even a majority of the country adopts gambling.


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