What's in a casino bonus?

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What's in a casino bonus?

Think casino bonuses are straightforward? Well it's not as plain and simple as you might think. If you like casinos and want to hunt for casino bonuses, players have perhaps too much choice than they ever had before and that means there is more work in ensuring as a player, you don't end up playing at a bad casino or playing a casino bonus that has unfavourable terms and conditions. So what do you need to look out for?


  1. Bonus categories and types

  2. Recommended Casino

  3. Bonus Terms and Conditions


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Types of Bonuses & Categories

Casino bonuses come in almost too many types so here they are and some of the terminology you'll see.


  • Free Spins (also will see written as FS)

  • No Deposit (also will see written as ND)

  • Signup: For new players of course

  • Reload: a bonus you can deposit and claim many times over

  • Cashback: Get a percentage of cashback on losses

  • Monthly: Every month, you get a bonus

  • Match: is a percentage bonus based on your deposit, like 50%, 100% or more

  • Promotion: Can be any type of contest or some activity to win a prize

Free Spins


Free Spins casino bonuses, these are the most popular bonus around. Of course they are only available to play on slots. Many casinos will advertise free spins but they won't award them unless you make a deposit while others will give you them just for signing up. Here you'll have to read the fine print. It is normal that there is a maximum cashout you can do on a free spins bonus which is usually $50 to $100.

No Deposit

No deposit means you'll get an amount of money to play with, deposit free. It is rare that these ND bonuses are allowed on anything but slots, sometimes you'll get keno and scratch cards as options. Just like free spins, ND bonuses always have a max cashout value.


If you haven't played at the casino yet, then you'll be eligible to claim the bonus as a new player. You can only claim this bonus once. If you try to claim this bonus multiple times at the same address, IP address or a similar means, you'll face the risk of having your winnings void upon cashout.


Reload means you can claim a bonus and just reload it. Sometimes these reload bonuses are unlimited and usually you'll get it for a day. These bonuses vary in percentage amounts and can be anything from 10% to 50% and up.


Cashback as the name implies, you'll get a percentage of your money back if you lose. Often you can't claim cashback if you have already claimed another bonus. These cashbacks can be done daily, weekly, monthly or any other time period the casino specifies.


These bonuses are giving out once a month and are a way for a casino to get you coming back. These act like a match bonus but are simply available every month.


Match bonuses are not always a 100% match but can be a percentage. These bonuses are for any player whether new or if you have already played at the casino, unless the casino specifies it is for new players only which is extremely rare.


Casinos run promotions all the time where you can win prizes or even cash.

Recommended Casinos


These bonuses won't mean much if you are playing at a casino that isn't recommended. For the hundreds, if not thousands of casinos to choose from, there are just more than enough that don't care about dealing a fair game for players. So as much as you might be able to claim a bonus and win, some casinos have max cashout rules and some simply make up excuses not to pay players. This is why it pays to find a site that lists and recommends casinos and does all the work for you. Every casino has a set of terms and conditions that are generic and different than the bonus terms and conditions. A watchdog site will check that the terms and conditions are fair and that the casino has a proven track record of not screwing over players.

Bonus Terms & Conditions

Bonus terms and conditions (also referred to promotional terms and conditions) are just as important to read. It helps to know if you can cashout the bonuses, when you can't these are called sticky bonuses. It is just as important to know if there are any maximum cashout clauses on any promotions. Free spins and no deposit bonuses always have max cashout restrictions but for other bonuses like signups or match promotions, you typically don't want to see these clauses so a site like casinobonusesnow.com will explain what the promotion terms and conditions are. Keep in mind, it is always sound advice to check with the casino's live chat support to ask in advance. If they tell you what the terms are, you'll know it and also be sure to record the screenshots of the chats in the event the agents gave you incorrect advice.


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