What You Should Really Know About Online Casino Bonuses

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Brick and mortar casinos that are found in the world’s gambling meccas around the globe may offer free drinks, entertaining and a glamorous atmosphere, but the world of online casino has something way better – online casino bonuses. Yes, ladies and gents, the web is literally brimming with tones of casino bonuses and promotions. And you can cash in on a lot of them to help you increase your bankroll. Yet, are the eye-catching offers really worth taking advantage? Well, you can’t really be sure until you know the finer details about how they work now can you? Throughout this article we take you through all the nitty gritty details about casino bonuses that you really need to take into consideration prior to cashing in on one.

1. There are different types of casino bonuses

While the most common online casino bonuses you’ll find out there are welcome bonuses, there’s a variety of other bonuses out there in the intergalactic realms of the web that may be worth your while too. Indeed, it is totally possible to cash in on other casino bonuses after claiming your welcome bonus on signing up and depositing at an online casino. In fact, sometimes bonuses that you claim after your welcome bonus can sometimes be even better and may even fit your online gambling needs more. 

Amongst the most notable bonuses out there which can be profitable for you to claim are loyalty bonuses, no deposit bonuses and match bonuses. If you’re after a bonus which is a bit more game-specific, you’ll be able to find these types of bonuses on offer too. Among the most common ones in this regard are ever-so-popular free spins bonuses which can be used on slots games, blackjack bonuses and video poker bonuses.

2. Casino Bonuses Generally Come with Wagering Requirements

Almost every top online casino bonus out there on the web generally comes with fine print. And we cannot stress enough just how important it is to read the terms and conditions when it comes to online casinos. Yes, folks we’re probably all guilty of signing or agreeing to something in daily life or on the web that we probably should have read through from top to bottom. But please for the love of god, don’t get to excited and tick the small terms and conditions box before you’re knowledgeable about all the little details pertaining to the offer you’re about to cash in on.

The bottom line that we’re trying to stress here is that the fine print contains the most important details about the online casino bonus you’re claiming. Generally speaking, the most important detail you’re after when reading through the terms and conditions is the value representing the wagering requirements you’ll have to meet. Typically, this is represented by a number and an X such as 20X. Essentially, the X represents your bonus money and the ’20’ represents the amount of times you’ll have to wager your money in order to clear it. Moreover, another thing you should look out for is the game contribution percentage for each online casino game out there that will help account for clearing the bonus. Bear in mind that without clearing your bonus from its wagering requirements, you won’t be able to cash out your winnings at all, no matter how much you’ve won!

3. Casino Bonuses are Highly Competitive

The worst thing you can do when attempting to cash in on the best casino bonus is to claim the first bombastic one you see on the net. Here’s a little secret from our end – online casinos are very competitive when it comes to the bonuses they offer. In fact, on browsing through several casino sites, one thing you’d definitely notice is that one bonus is typically bigger than the next.

4. The Majority of Online Casino Bonuses Out There Will Require a Deposit

While not all online casino bonuses out there will require you to make a deposit before claiming any bonus money, you should be well-aware of the fact that the lion’s share of them will require you to deposit your bankroll into your online casino account first. Unfortunately in many cases, if you don’t have a bankroll to deposit to your account you probably won’t be eligible to claim any of the bonus money being advertised. Fundamentally, if this is the case, the only choice you’ll have is to claim a no deposit bonus instead.

5. Most Casino Bonuses are Time-Barred  

On claiming an online casino bonus, you should always start playing immediately. Why? This is simply due to the fact that most online casino bonuses are time-barred which essentially means that you’ll only have a number of days to use the extra bonus money and clear it to be able to take advantage of the full amount.

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